Missing From Your Makeup Bag

I talk a lot about the next must have lipstick, or the new foundation that’s blowing my mind, so today we’re talking about the stand out must haves that aren’t new or particularly exciting, but they are daily staples that will change your makeup routine. 
A peachy under eye corrector: to cancel out dark circles under the eyes, you need a peachy, salmon toned product that you can layer under your usual concealer. Nothing will brighten up the undereyes more, and it’ll make you look awake even if you only got a few hours sleep.
My pick – The Benefit Erase Paste.
An iridescent setting powder: to give you glow any time, even when you’re looking pasty, or wearing a seriously high coverage foundation. A good, finely milled face powder with a hint of sheen to it can make you look glowy and healthy, I particularly like to set my under eyes with one to add life and brightness.
My pick – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade.
Natural False Lashes: to give a little more lash in a natural way. False lashes doesn’t have to mean fake looking lashes, a more subtle pick can give you length, volume and flutter, whilst looking all natural.
My pick – Eyelure Simply Fleur Lashes.
An intensely hydrating tinted lip balm: most of us have lip balms coming out of our ears, but usually they fall into one of two categories, hydrating or tinted. Come the colder weather, it’s nice to have one on hand that does both, so you can have soft and smooth lips, as well as a little colour.
My pick – Fresh Sugar Petal Lip Treatment.
The perfect base brush: something that makes applying any foundation a total dream. Something with densely packed bristles, that’s easy to manouvre, something small enough to fit into every corner of the face, but big enough that it doesn’t take forever.
My pick – Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush Foundation Brush no 56.
What are your makeup bag must haves?