Hot Spiced Apple at Home

 Last year, I was totally hooked on the Costa Hot Spiced Apple drinks, and this year, I’ve been loving the new Starbucks Mulled Spiced Apple drink, which is becoming problematic (you know that emoji of the flying wads of cash? Yeah, that), so I decided to have a little kitchen experimentation to come up with my own.
Turns out these kind of drinks are SO easy to make! And you can swap out ingredients as you please, so you’re almost guaranteed to find a version you like.
You need:-
An apple drink: Bog standard apple juice is what I’ve used here and it works a treat, but I like this even more with cloudy apple juice. If you fancy a little tipple, you can also use apple cider, but I’d recommend dumping in a few extra teaspoons of brown sugar, because otherwise it’ll be quite bitter. I’ve also tried this with a fruity white wine before, and that was delicious too!
Sweetner: I like to use Agave Nectar, but honey works, and brown sugar gives it a really lovely taste. You only need a teaspoon or two depending on your personal taste, but it really pulls the drink together.
Spices: You’ll definitely want cinnamon sticks and star anise. I also found some Mulled Wine Spice bags that are a bit like tea bags, which are totally delicious in this too. I’ve also added Vanilla Chai teabags and that was awesome as well!
Fresh fruit: Apples are the obvious choice here, but oranges work really well too for some reason! 
It’s literally as simple as dumping everything in a pan and heating it on a medium heat for 10-15 minutes. I like to drop the Star Anise in close to the end otherwise I find it a bit too strong, but you can go off your personal taste!
I think I’m hooked!