3 Years in London

When I moved to London three years ago, I couldn’t imagine a time when I’d want to leave. I threw myself wholeheartedly into London life, attending launch parties and pop ups and fashion week. I ate out in instagrammable bars, I felt cool riding the tube into central, and back out to my little studio flat. And I absorbed London. I walked the Thames at night, I explored museums and I loved it all.
Three years down the line, and I seem to keep forgetting that feeling. I go into central when I have to, I tut and huff at tourists, and then I go home to my flat in Zone Four, and I swear that I’ll leave London soon.
But sometimes, I do something that reminds me that London hasn’t lost it’s magic. Finishing up dinner with friends and taking a stroll across the river, seeing the London skyline lit up. Heading out to explore something new, and falling in love with a whole new part of the city I didn’t even know existed. Walking through central on a drizzly afternoon, stopping to admire the flowers outside Liberty’s and watching street performers. A date night that ends in a stroll through Covent Garden, admiring art installations, people watching, and absorbing the vibe of the city. Discovering a new Zara store that is better than any other you’ve stepped in previously.
Sometimes I need to step out of my little comfort zone of work – home – netflix, to remember why I love this city. Because I won’t get to live here forever, and when the time comes for me to move on, I want to feel like I grabbed every possible second, and took every opportunity. Because London is an incredible place to live, and I’m so lucky that I’m having this experience.