43/52 – A Good Food Week

Happy Sunday! This week has been a busy one, but I’ve enjoyed it because I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friends, and that can only be a good thing, right?
I’ve still been feeling a bit iffy this week, but a lot of that may have been caused by the immense hangover I had Thursday. I spent most of the day in bed complaining about how much my head hurt. But it was worth it because I’m a total granny and I never go out but I had the bloody best time and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Plus I think I amused everyone with my drunk ramblings.
Other than that it’s been a busy week of work, I’m feeling really motivated and exciting about blogging at the moment, and I’ve been loving dedicating a lot of time to it.
Happy things!

1. Evening walks with Con. We’ve been trying to make an effort to get out and go for a walk everyday, and it’s one of the few times we get to chat without distraction. It’s nice to spend quality time together and I actually look forward to bundling up in my coat and scarf in the evenings to get some fresh air, and have a walk.
2. Experimenting with hot drinks recipes. When we come in from our evening walks, we’ve been cooking up all sorts of delicious goodness to warm us back up! There’s another recipe post coming your way next week!

3. Presents from Daphne, bought all the way from Poland. Yay for Bath & Bodyworks and Sephora goodies! 
4. HAPPY HOUR! I may have indulged in one too many drinks on a fun night out with my girl Katy this week, but who can blame us when they were half price! We enjoyed a delicious bottle of Prosecco at Gem Bar in Soho, and headed for delicious after dinner cocktails at Dirty Martini. I had the best night and just didn’t want it to end. 

5. FINALLY getting into Flat Iron. After trying to get a table multiple times since we moved to London, Katy and I managed to miraculously get in with only an hours wait (when the bottle of prosecco was consumed!). I can hands down say that it was the best meal I’ve ever eaten, and I’m excited to get back there soon.
6. Daphne turning up with headache pills while I was hungover. Babe. And then ordering me pizza. Double babe.

7. A dinner date with my favourite people, Daphne and Connor back at The Bohemia. Dirty dogs and curly fries are the way forward. 
8. The cutest little pumpkin I ever did see. It’s called a munchkin pumpkin, have you ever heard anything so adorable?

9. My new Bath and Bodyworks Warm Vanilla Sugar Candle. It smells delicious and if I could smell like that I think I would.
10. Finally getting to catch up with my mama, who is finally back off holiday, and came to London for the weekend. I miss home so much but getting to see my mum makes it easier! We hit up Wagamama (as per usual) and I ordered one of the new specials, the Beef Massaman Curry, and it was bloody delicious.
What are your happy things this week? x

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