Fresh Beginnings

I’m back! You didn’t think I’d be gone too long did ya? I can never stay away from this place too long, and turns out a few days of thinking was all I needed to feel refreshed and reinvigorated, and in fact, full of new and (I think) exciting ideas for new content!I was struggling because I kind of feel like throughout the last year and a half of daily blogging, I’ve fallen into a bit of a content rut, producing the same, or at least very similar content over and over with different products, and I’ve been looking for new ways to mix things up a little.So lets talk about what you can expect! First off, and most importantly, beauty content is not going anywhere. Talking about makeup and skincare and everything that goes along with it is something I love, and getting to share and interact with you guys over it is amazing. Beauty content is here to stay. However, I want to change the way I present it slightly, hopefully you’re going to enjoy the content just as much, if not more, and hey, you may not even notice a difference, but I will!I also wanted to find a way to introduce something a little different too, mostly out of fear that eventually I will run out of things to say, or you will get so bored of reading about makeup you’ll internet blacklist me. So, I’m going to slowly introduce a few different posts, maybe a few fashion ones, certainly some health related things, hopefully some shopping related bits, and fingers crossed, a lot more tips and advice posts. I want you guys to read this blog and enjoy it, but also take something useful away too.  The main focus will still be beauty, but there will be a few other posts in there too.I debated with merging this blog with my lifestyle blog, but I kind of want to keep this blog for sharing beauty, tips, advice and useful content, and keep my lifestyle blog for sharing my life. I feel like the content I write there is very very different, and I just don’t feel comfortable merging the two. If you’re into lifestyle content, you can follow me over here.And lastly a word on scheduling. I’ve decided that for the next couple of weeks, until my dissertation hand in in March, I’m going to allow myself two days off a week. Hopefully I’ll return to daily posting soon, but until then, you’ll find a new post here Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Hopefully you guys shouldn’t notice too much of a difference!Thank you again for your continued support, I love you guys so much!I’ll see you all on Wednesday for a brand new post!xxx

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