Why We're Leaving London

A bit more of a chatty post today, but I've had SO many people ask why Connor & I have decided to move back to Bournemouth, I figured I'd address it here.

If you've been around here for more than a few weeks, you'll know that the last year has been a really hard one for me. My grandfather was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour just before Christmas, and sadly, we lost him in June, after months of putting up a good fight. Since then, or, since his diagnosis really, I've found it really hard being in London, away from my family.

Connor's Masters finishes in mid September, and he ended up securing the ideal job for him, working for himself from home, full time on an awesome project he's exciting for. Since that means we're both essentially freelancers now, it meant we could be anywhere.

And for me, the only option really was to go home. It's not permanent, who knows where we will be in five years time, but right now, I'm craving home. Right now, I kinda associate London with feeling disconnected, and anxious. Every time the phone rings I jump and panic it's someone calling with bad news. I feel like I need a little time to recuperate, time spent with my family, time spent living life a little slower than in London. 

Luckily, Con is more than happy to head back with me. Since rent in Bournemouth is about a third less than what we're paying in London, we'll have a bit more disposable income, so we're planning a few trips, a few treats, and just generally, we're looking forward to spending a little more time together. Our four years in London have been great, but they've been hectic, and we've barely spent any time together during them. We're looking forward to reclaiming our evenings and weekends, and living life a little more, rather than just working all the time.

We have a move out date of September 27th, so things are going to be pretty hectic until then, but I can't wait to share this new chapter with you all.

Thank you, as always, for all the love and support. You guys rock. 

5 To Try

It's been a while since we've had a good old fashioned 5 to try around these parts, so I figured it was about time we bought it back.

Bleach London Silver ConditionerI did a little at home balayage on my hair last month and I LOVE it, but it was getting a little orange around the edges. I spent ages looking for a purple shampoo that doesn't dry out my hair and I found an awesome alternative - a silver conditioner! I apply this to the ends of my hair, it adds hydration and gets rid of any brassy tones on my highlights. It's incredibly reasonably priced, and you only need a little to see the effects!

Benefit Tweezer: I picked these up on board the Good Ship Benefit last month and they've been so handy! Tweezers with a built in brow brush! It makes tidying up my brows in between appointments so much easier! Super handy - if you need new tweezers definitely check these out!

Fleur de Force Petit Fleur Lashes: I picked these up because my usual favourite, the Fleur Loves, were sold out, and I was massively impressed! Much like the Fleur Loves, these are three quarter lashes, and these are just perfect for adding a little definition in the day! They're really comfortable and they just make you look like you have naturally fantastic lashes!

MAC Trolls Beauty Powder in Play It Proper: I just couldn't resist this! Aside from the adorable packaging, this is a great alternative to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, for a subtle glow. I've been using this champagne pink highlight powder to set my under eye concealer, and occasionally just to set my whole face. It softens the features and adds a subtle glow, the perfect way to set your makeup!

NARS Long Hot Summer Palette: I don't know why I haven't heard more about this palette! NARS' summer drop is bloody gorgeous, full of beautiful bronzed shades that just glow on the eyes. This is a NARS exclusive, so order from their site or get down to their Covent Garden Boutique. But I'll warn you - that store is dangerous.

Have you tried anything great recently?

Wild Imagination

I honestly can't believe I'm writing this post, it's been so long in the making.

Back in January I started working on a new project. And today we are finally live!

Wild Imagination is the perfect amalgamation of my freelance business, and the kind of content I love creating. 

There's a blog where you'll find articles to inspire you, and help you out with running your blog or business. I love this article on being creative, and this one on staying inspired at your day job. You can follow the blog on Bloglovin' here

You'll also find a whole wealth of digital content services, and creative coaching too! I've been really loving my work as a creative coach, so definitely check it out if you're after a little help!

I'd love to hear your feedback on the site! It's been my baby for so long that putting it out into the world is a little scary! 

Check it out here!

My Little Sister Comes To London

Another day, another vlog! This time I've got a jam packed weekend of hanging out with awesome bloggers, a quick trip home, and then showing my sister some of my favourite parts of London.

Expect lots of trips to Starbucks, as usual.

Sky High Yoga

There is very little in this world that will inspire me to get out of bed at four thirty in the morning, but the promise of yoga at the top of London's Sky Garden was one of them.

So on Wednesday I was out of the flat a little after 5am and on my way to Bank. Dressed head to toe in Aerie workout gear (my favourite) and with my new LuluLemon Yoga Mat in tow, Verity and I arrived at the Walkie Talkie just after 6am, and headed thirty-five floors up to the Sky Garden.

Now, this wasn't my first trip to the Sky Garden, but the last time I went it was the middle of the day and it was fairly overcast. In all honesty, we couldn't have asked for better weather this week. We watched in awe as the sun rose above the skyline, warming the skyscrapers with hues of orange and pink. Watching the city wake up from the 35th floor was like a 'pinch me' moment, I was honestly just in awe of how lucky I am to live in such an incredible part of the world. 

All of a sudden, six thirty was upon us and our class started. Run by the fantastic Issy Scobie of Flex London, the class is an hour of Vinyasa Flow Yoga - perfect for getting the blood pumping ready for the day ahead. I'll be honest here and admit that Vinyasa Yoga isn't normally my thing, I'm more of a Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga kinda gal, but I absolutely LOVED Issy's style of teaching. She encouraged us to go at the pace of our breath, and to really listen to what our bodies were telling us, which I loved. She finished the class with a great Savasana, where she spoke about intention, and really motivated me for the rest of the week. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of Issy's classes - she was amazing!

This was my first outing with my brand new LuluLemon mat and I have to say, it totally changed my practice for the better. I'm going to be including this in a little lifestyle favourites round up on YouTube Channel this week, so stay tuned for that! 

 After the class, Verity and I grabbed a smoothie and a quick bite to eat at the cafe, I was honestly really surprised at how reasonable the food was, our smoothies were £3.50 each which seemed really cheap! They were super tasty and really invigorating after the class!

We sat in the window watching the world go by until Verity had to go to work!

If you're a fan of yoga I'd definitely recommend checking out the classes at the Sky Garden, it was such a great experience!

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