September Favourites 2016

I know this is proper monthly favourites cliche, but can you believe that tomorrow is October? I'm simultaneously amazed and a little glad too, this year can do one in all honesty. 

A Starbucks Mug Addiction/Collection

 Let's talk about a little problem I have. Mugs. I can't stop buying them. I hoard them. I collect them. I obsess over them. I don't even use them that much, I just really freaking love them. 

Autumnal Skincare Switches

It's a slow process, but it does seem to be getting cooler round these parts. As far as I'm concerned, Autumn can't come soon enough, but it has been nice to have a few warmer days. Still, it felt like time to make a few skincare switches, to make sure my skin is feeling good.

An A/W Lush Haul


How I Stay On Top Of My To Do List

Staying on top of your to do list is hard at the best of times, but especially when life is getting in the way. September has been a manic month for me in so many ways, aside from the fact that this is the month we leave London (tonight is our last night in the flat, sob), so there was a lot of life stuff happening, I totally wasn't anticipating my month to start with my dad having a nasty accident. It totally threw me off for the first few weeks, and whilst I'd hoped to spend the month making the most of our last few weeks in London, I've ended up being home in Bournemouth with my dad. 

Despite all this craziness, I've inexplicably managed to stay, mostly, on top of my to do list. Now don't get me wrong, there was a lot of things I wanted to get done this month that wasn't necessary that fell by the wayside, but everything I needed to get done, got done.

So whilst I'm feeling motivated and on the ball, I thought I'd share my tips for getting shit done even when you barely have time to brush your hair. That way if you're feeling frazzled, maybe this will help, and I'll have this to look back on when I inevitably lose my mojo!

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