The Lazy Monday Edit

Because it’s Monday, and I’m too busy wishing I was back in New York City to talk about beauty, I thought it was high time I directed you to some things I enjoyed reading today. I’m aware this is a total cop out of a post, but hey, you should be following these guys.

Last weekend I finally met my kindred spirit, Tami, and damage was done. You should be following this girl anyway, so head over and see what she bought and hit the follow button.

I also met the amazing Vanessa for the first time last weekend (the odd thing about having internet friends, you can talk all the time and not meet for months), and she uploaded some incredibly beautiful photos from her first week in London, go have a drool at her amazing photography skills.

Natalie updated her blog layout this week and man is it a beaut, she was one of my favourite bloggers anyway, but now I can’t stop dribbling at her blog layout. So much pretty.

Catherine showed off her holy grail beauty products and suffice it to say the product wishlist in the back of my diary is looking a little longer now. Read at your own risk.

I joined the gym this week (I know, but I have to balance the burgers somehow) and I’ve become obsessed with reading the amazing Amelia’s new blog, who constantly proves to me that you can eat the occasional cheeseburger and still look like a goddess.

It’s come to my attention that I’m something of an enabler, and it seems that I’ve struck again, and poor Rachael ended up splurging on the Dior Lip Glow and it was all my fault. Good job she likes it!

Not really a read, but my latest Instagram find, The Dogist, because who doesn’t love looking at cute dogs?

Leave me some links to some of your favourite reads, I’m always after a new one!