Review: These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan

The press email for this release dropped into my inbox with the title Hot Fae Summer, and I knew instantly I was going to be hooked on this book.

I love me a read based in faerie and fae folklore, the magic system of the fae makes my blood sing. So a sister stolen by the Unseelie Court who needs to be rescued? YES PLEASE.

Throw in a love triangle, warring courts, two handsome princes and a series of heists that need to be completed? You know I loved this read.

It’s a pretty fast flowing story, I binged it in 24 hours and it didn’t feel like a task to do so. It’s definitely been edited well, and the story & prose progression definitely reflects that. I have read a few fantasy novels recently where the character development felt underdeveloped, but our heroine Brie made sensical, logical decisions throughout the novel, she felt fully fleshed out and relatable.

If you like secrets, love triangles, steamy shower sexual tension and the fae, you’re going to want to buy These Hollow Vows.


Perfect for fans of: Holly Black

Out today! Buy from your local independent book store if you can, or Amazon if you can’t.

Thanks to the publishers for the advanced copy.