Everything I’ve Loved Recently

This post started as an ‘Everything I Loved in March’ but it’s taken me so long to finish it that the title felt in need of an update! The last few weeks have felt chaotic and so the overwhelming themes have been trying to find space and quiet to recharge when possible. The final taught classes of my MA on top of birthday celebrations, and the hellscape that has been the recent news cycle, all of it has stretched time out.

My initial list for this post filled two post-its, so settle in for the things currently bringing me joy.

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Weighted Blanket

Con bought me this weighted blanket at the beginning of the year and I’ll admit, I was sceptical. Fast forward and I’m so obsessed with this I’m actually slightly concerned about when we can travel again – how am I meant to sleep without it?

As someone who struggles with sleep and restless legs at night it’s been an absolute game changer. It’s become part of my evening routine that lets my brain know it’s time to wind down, and I find it really comforting.

But no. I can’t actually lift it.


Speaking of things Con has bought me, I unwrapped a Theragun on my birthday. My health issues mean I struggle a lot with muscle pain, and years of dancing means that the only thing that works well is intense trigger point therapy. Well, the Theragun is definitely intense! But man is it good, and we’ve used it everyday so far so between the two of us we will definitely get our monies worth.

Plus, Con used my Boots clubcard – thank you student discount + £50 bonus Boots points!

In The Ravenous Dark & For The Wolf

I was blessed last month by the publishing gods, and ARCs for both these titles wound their way to me. In The Ravenous Dark is a luscious dark fantasy with A+ queer rep, while For The Wolf is a hauntingly beautiful fairytale reimagined in the heart of a cursed forest, complete with hot monster love interest. Sign. Me. Up. The titles are released in May and June respectively (I’vll post full reviews before then), and I highly recommend getting both on your preorder list.

Briogeo Hairbrush

My beloved Drybar hairbrush finally crossed over, and since Drybar still aren’t available in the UK I had to hunt out an alternative. Aside from being lilac and therefore immediately adorable, the combination of long bristles and short boar style ones is great for detangling curls and pulling out any loose hairs. Somehow this makes my hair look smoother & feel softer, so that’s a win!

NARS Claudette Cheek Duo

I ordered this palette on a whim with Boots points and oh my am I glad I did. I love this bronzer, it’s not too warm or too cool, it’s slightly sheer so easy to build up but hard to go overboard with. It’s free of shimmer so it warms up the face but it adds definition too. The blush is a perfect glowy spring flush, and I’ve been enjoying an easy swipe of these across the eyes too for a matchy matchy look.

Nyx The Marshmellow Primer

Sucked in by TikTok marketing I picked this primer up when my CoverFX one ran out, and I’ve been really enjoying it. I’d liken it to pore smoothing primers, such as Benefit’s Porefessional, it smooths the skin to create a good canvas for makeup. Because I’ve been reaching for lighter coverage bases, this has been great for aiding in longevity, and it just gives a helping hand with a smooth finish.

Maybelline Sky High Lash Mascara

I’d mentioned to Con that I was in need of a new mascara and I wanted to find something less expensive than my favourites, YSL Shocking & Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir. He picked this up for me based on some online reviews and despite it’s completely different brush, I really love it. It coats every single lash and really defines the individual lash hairs, whilst giving length AND volume. If only I could figure out how to apply it without getting it all over my eyelids.

Plenaire Violet Paste

A desperate purchase to help the maskne, which turned out to be a genius find. I slather this on any breakouts before bed (or, cough, while I’m sat at my desk, cough) and it gets to work soothing and drawing out any nasties. It’s super gentle, it doesn’t dry the skin out, and it’s packed with lots of lovely ingredients like BHAs and Zinc Oxide.

What have you been loving recently?