Goals & Plans for March

March has arrived, and it’s almost like it never left, have we been stuck in a perpetual March for a whole year? I’ve found myself clinging to the goal posts of each month so much more this year, a point of reference throughout endless groundhog days. I’ve never stuck rigidly to monthly goals but since the start of 2021 it’s really worked for me. In a sea of copy and paste days at home, setting short term goals really works for me.

With that in mind, here’s my framework for the month ahead…

Hunting for…Spring?

I know most of you know me as the poster child for autumn appreciation, but I started Hunting for Autumn as a way to share my love of seeking out the small joys as the seasons change. At the time, it seemed particularly poignant to share as we descended into the colder months, since those are often the ones we find hardest, but I think especially right now we could all do with hunting for every day magic. I’m excited to really seek out the joys of the looming season, document them in photos and blog posts, and hopefully use them to inspire some creative work. I’ll be returning to the #huntingformagic hashtag on Instagram, and if you want to share your small daily joys there too, I’d love to see them!

Get ahead with my creative assignments.

My uni work splits quite evenly into creative assignments and accompanying critical pieces. Last term I was working on the creative pieces right up til the deadline, which meant I was had to really last minute churn out the accompanying work. I want to avoid that this term, so with my deadline looming on the seventh of May, I’m hoping to finish full drafts of my creative pieces this month so I can spend April fully on editing and rationales. Setting specific goals for my work helps prevent my last minute tendencies, plus since it’s hard to be creative and critical at the same time, hopefully this will allow me time for critical distance!

Keep smashing my reading goals, but find more balance.

I’m powering through my reading list right now, but a lot of that is because my uni reading list is huge. I’d like to take a more balanced approach this term, one for you one for me, because I’m definitely worried about getting book fatigue if I’m only reading for university!

Channel some energy into a spring clean.

With both Con and I busy with work, our home is looking…less than great. We had a cleaner pre lockdown and it’s perhaps the thing I miss most about real life. We’re long overdue a spring clean, and I think for my sanity I could do with a declutter. I certainly don’t have the brain capacity for a full spring cleaning weekend, so I’m going to make a list of the things I want to do and try and tick one or two off each day.

Get into a daily routine.

Shamefully my current routine looks something like, roll out of bed at ten, a short walk, sit at my desk til 4pm, a quick nap, classes from 6-9pm, dinner, and then writing until I drop sometime after midnight. It’s not really healthy, it’s not really working for me, and it’s not really allowing for downtime. Whilst I’ll always be a night owl, I need to set a bit more structure, proper breaks in the day, time away from my desk. So I’m trying to eat lunch out of my office (I can’t wait til weather permits me balcony breaks again!), coffee breaks with a good book, and a few hours spent with Con before I slink back into my writing cave.

What are your goals for March?