Weekly Magic #2

Hello hello, long time no chat, welcome to a little weekly magic! It’s been a busy few weeks so it feels like a good time to check in. I know it’s been a tough and stressful week for a lot of us with the election, so I figured a little magic may do us all some good.

weekly magic christmas jaye rockett

Despite the stress, there’s been a few pockets of happiness in my week, including a long overdue catch up with one of my favourite people, some quality time spent with my grandparents, and a dinner date with a good pal I haven’t seen since May. All good, slow moments in amongst the general life chaos.

weekly magic jaye rockett hot chocolate christmas tree


  • Time spent in front of the Christmas tree. Why does the presence of a tree in my living room make the space feel so much cosier? I’m really enjoying cosying up on the sofa with my furry blanket, a hot chocolate (topped with marshmallows of course) and a good book. Perfect December evenings!
  • I loved this post from Michelle about starting Christmas traditions with your partner this season. I love the Christmas traditions Con and I already have, a french toast breakfast in bed on Christmas morning, a frosty boxing day walk in the forest, but I’m definitely thinking about what else we can make a tradition!
  • I’ve never been a hot chocolate fan, but ever since my girl Kelly made me a killer Galaxy hot chocolate topped with half a bag of marshmallows this week, I’ve been fuelled by the stuff. So decadent, so delicious, so comforting. Speaking of Kelly, she’s been KILLING IT with her Christmas recreations on Instagram, so make sure you check those out.
  • I’ve been craving a healthier lifestyle this week (hot chocolate addiction excluded), so have been prepping veg heavy dinners in the instant pot, making an effort to swim more, drinking a ton more water and just generally looking after myself more. I’ve also been cutting back my alcohol intake, I know it can be tempting to drink more this time of year, but I’ve been craving a clear head more. This post explains it better than I can. A long walk in the forest this weekend definitely hit the spot too.
weekly magic christmas jaye rockett
  • Nothing cheers you up quite like puppy cuddles, and cuddling up to a five week old pug puppy on Friday night was the perfect antidote to the election hangover. If anyone has any tips on persuading pet free buildings to allow in pets, hit me up…
  • Con and I snuck out this weekend for a decadent afternoon tea at the Lime Wood Hotel in the forest. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and having some quiet quality time together before Christmas chaos this week was much appreciated.
  • We had a quiet Sunday morning wrapping presents, eating chocolate, watching Christmas movies and drinking coffee in our pjs. I wish every Sunday was like that!
weekly magic christmas jaye rockett

What were your great things this week?