Reasons To Book A Lush Treatment

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I’m a total Lush fan girl. I’ve loved the brand for the longest time, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with them a few times in the last few years. It’s a total dream collaboration, and the more I learn about the brand, the more I love it! It’s one of those brands that really is the whole package, not only are their products fantastic, but their customer service is spot on, and their brand morals & ethics are admirable. It’s a brand I can totally get behind.

Now, whilst I was a big fan of Lush’s products, I’d never had any of their treatments. Lush now have eight spas in the UK, including one in their hometown of Poole, which happens to be a short twenty minute drive from my place. They also now have two HairLabs, one round the corner from the Poole spa, and one in Liverpool. Last month, the team at Lush kindly invited me down to the spa & the HairLab to find out what Lush treatments are like.

Lush spa poole jaye rockett

Fully immersive experiences.

From the tailor made soundtracks to accompany each treatment, to the immersive way scent is used from the moment you enter the door, Lush are all about using all five senses to make sure your experience is totally holistic. When you visit the spa, you’re asked to pick from a range of jars, each labelled with different feelings, emotions, ideas. Once you’ve picked them, they add representative essential oils to dry ice to fill the room with the scents they’ll use in the treatment, they serve you a corresponding tea, and even give you a matching massage bar to take home. At the HairLab, after you’ve been involved with picking out products and making a custom hair rinse, they’ll lay you back and give you a sound collar with meditation soundtracks and diffuse essential oils around you. Visiting a Lush spa is a whole ‘experience’ from the moment you walk in the door.

Lush spa poole jaye rockett

Incredibly knowledgeable staff.

I’ve never met teams so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and happy in their jobs as the teams at Lush. Hanging out a time the spa AND the HairLab was like catching up with friends. Not only are they welcoming, super knowledgeable about the Lush products, ethics, brand and treatments, they also all genuinely seem to love their jobs. Their infectious enthusiasm for the brand is guaranteed to rub off on you.

Lush spa poole jaye rockett

Well thought out experiences.

Everything at the Lush spa and HairLabs is meticulously planned to be nothing short of perfect. From the pyjamas you’re offered in some treatment for ultimate comfort, to the lay flat beds in the HairLab so you can fully relax (and not worry about neck ache) whilst you’re head is over the sink. Lush Treatments spend a long time in research and development before you ever get the chance to experience them, and you can tell they’ve thought about every little thing.

Lush spa poole jaye rockett

I can’t wait to head back to the Lush Spa, and I’ll definitely be going back to the HairLab next time my hair is in need of some TLC – it’s never looked better!

Are you a Lush fan?

My treatments at the spa and HairLab were gifted, but I was under no obligation to post, I just had a great time and wanted to share!