Winter Habits To Continue in Spring Summer

When summer ends we often talk about the habits we want to take with us into the colder months. Drink more water, spend time outside, make the most of time outside of work. When spring arrives though we are so happy to leave winter behind we rarely stop to consider winter habits we should be continuing. Oftentimes, winter is a period of slow and rest, surely that’s something we should want to bring into the warmer months?

Making the most of every good weather day.

If we’re lucky, good weather days are a dime a dozen in the summer, so much so that we don’t always appreciate it. Compare that to winter where when the sun brakes through for one sunny hour on a Thursday afternoon and the whole world is outside making the most of it! This spring summer I want to spend every spare moment I can enjoying the good weather. After work drinks in a beer garden, a lunchtime walk in the sun, even my first cup of coffee enjoyed out on the balcony. We’ll miss the sunshine come November so let’s make the most of it.

Hearty soup lunches.

I’ve made SO many soups this winter. Throwing any leftover veggies in the oven and blitzing with spices, stock or coconut milk. It’s such an easy healthy lunch and so easy to make, packed full of great nutrients. That said I rarely eat soup in the spring summer, it just feels a bit weird? But it’s such an easy, healthy lunch so I’m keeping an eye on what’s in season and looking up some fresh seasonal soup recipes!

Cosy nights in.

I don’t know about you, but when the weather is good I always find my calendar ends up much fuller. That’s all well and good but you know me, I need the downtime too. Keep space in your diary for the odd cosy night in, enjoy a home cooked meal in the garden, and then cosy up with a good book (or a new Netflix series) and hunker down for the night. You’ll be glad of the time to recharge.

Catch ups with friends over a pot of tea.

There’s always an urge to organise your gal pal catch up over a drink in the local beer garden, or out at the latest and greatest pop up. However, I always find the most meaningful moments of connection I have with friends tend to be at home with a big pot of tea to share while we put the world to rights. It costs next to nothing and you don’t have to worry about the group of lads at the next table listening in.

Bubble baths to wind down.

I think we all forget about baths during spring summer, because a hot bath sounds like a nightmare on a hot day. However, a cooler bath with salts over heavy bubbles is one of my favourite spring treats, one I definitely need to make more time for.

What winter habits will you be carrying through to spring?