How Following Bookstagrammers Has Made Me A Better Reader

Bookstagram is one of those nice new millennial words that unless you’re living life for the gram, you probably haven’t heard. I love the way that social media has bought about all these little communities, where you can find people with the same interests as you. Instagram is such a wonderful way to share thoughts and ideas, and discover new ones!

I was always vaguely aware of the Bookstagram community, but over the last few months I’ve started following a lot more bookstagram accounts, and engaging with them too. I firmly believe that doing so has made me a better reader, and here’s why:

  • It’s made me pick up books out of my comfort zone. There’s something about seeing a book beautifully styled on an Instagram feed, alongside a compelling review that makes you want to pick up books you never normally would. I’ve picked up at least 10 books over the last 3 months that I normally wouldn’t have been interested in, and I’ve loved them all. It’s such a good feeling to get out of your literary comfort zone, and I’ve even learnt more from reading something different

  • I constantly feel inspired to read. There’s no such thing as no book motivation when you’re following a heap of bookstagrammers. In fact, it’s more like, there’s so MUCH to read, where do I start! There’s something about seeing everyone’s cosy reading setups every day that makes you want to just pick up a book!

  • It gets you thinking about books differently. Reading different peoples takes on different books, it really changes the way you think about the books you read, gets you picking up different things and exploring themes and messages more. I love the discussion around books on bookstagram, the way that bookstagrammers really talk about books with such passion, and open your mind to different ideas and points of view about a book.

There’s a whole bookish world out there on Instagram, what are you waiting for?! Some of my favourites include TheBibliotheque, Wandering.Bibliophile, BibliophilicBabe, ElaTheBookworm, SilkReads, BookSundays, BiblioAmyy, SabrinaFelizitas and The.Book.Badger.

Are you a fan of Bookstagram?