The Things I’ll Miss About Summer

The close of August is almost upon us, and honestly, I’m a little relieved. Summer has been great, but it’s done it’s job, warmed my bones, and now I’m ready for cosy evenings, blustery days and those autumnal jewel tones. I hate to wish Summer away, but when Autumn is your favourite season, it’s easy to get caught up in wishing for it. For now, I wanted to make a list of all the things I’ll miss about summer, spend a moment appreciating them before bidding them farewell!

Afternoons on the beach.

Fresh berries in the mornings.

Summer cocktails with friends.

Dappled sunlight.

Dreamy sunsets.

Iced coffees.

Wicker bags.

Blue skies. 

The sunlight in my kitchen.

Family barbecues.

Cider drunk in beer gardens.

Floral nails.

Elderflower cordial.

Tanned skin.

Reading on the balcony.

Blossoming plants.

Alfresco dining.

Wearing shorts.

Sea swimming.

Watermelon wedges.

Palm prints.

Adventure days.

What will you miss about summer?