Why You Should Have a Christmas Digital Detox

Christmas is almost upon us, in fact I should expect that for most of you this is your last day in work! I love the last day at work before Christmas, the air is almost palpable with anticipation for the days ahead, it’s such a wonderful feeling. I love the Christmas period, and I always see it as the perfect opportunity to shut off and have a few days offline. This year will be a little different, as we’ll be headed to Heathrow Christmas day, so I’ll be embracing my Christmas digital detox earlier this year!

For me a digital detox isn’t necessarily about switching off completely, I’ll still post the odd Instagram and I’ll be checking in with my friends, it’s about putting down the tech and being present in the moment. It’s not picking up the phone and spending twenty minutes mindlessly scrolling, or worrying about emails, or getting caught up in Twitter drama.

Thinking about having a digital detox yourself? Here’s why Christmas is the perfect time to try it.

Everyone else is away from their desk too. The perfect time to stick an out of office on and not check your emails, or have a little time off from your blog/social media. 90% of the country has the next four days off, so if there was ever a time to shirk off online this is it.

You’ll have a better experience of Christmas. Downing tech, stepping away from online + your phone really helps you stay more present in the moment, you’re less distracted + more likely to notice the little happy things around you. I always enjoy an experience more when I’m really present, and I find the memories stay with me much clearer + more powerful too!

You’ll feel better rested. Even if you’re one of the unlucky ones who didn’t take advantage of the 10 days off work with only 3 days holiday, using the time you have off for a little digital detox is guaranteed to make you feel better rested + your mind quieter for your return to work. There’s something so rejuvenating about even a day offline, that if you can manage four it’s almost like having a spa break!

You’ll have more time. You’d be amazed how much time you waste scrolling through social media, reading online articles, playing Animal Crossing on your phone etc, etc. Use your new found time to have a Christmas drink and catch up with friends, go ice skating, or tick something off this┬áDecember To Do List.

Embrace the true meaning of Christmas. Spend your time offline, enjoying good food, good company, and good old festive cheer. Not who had the most instagrammable Christmas dinner.

So have I convinced you? Will you be having a Christmas digital detox?