Goals for the Rest of 2017

Can you believe we’re halfway through October already?! I for one am not sure where 2017 went (although I suspect I lost most of it under a haze of anaesthetic and hospital appointments) and the fact that we only have two and a half months left is nothing short of terrifying. The good news is I’m done with treatments and tests for the year (except for perhaps the odd blood test here and there) so hopefully I should only feel better as the weeks go on! With that in mind, I wanted to set some goals to see me through the rest of the year, in the hope it makes me feel like I’ve done something in 2017 other than be ill!

Be kinder to myself. I’ve been putting myself under a lot of pressure this year for the things I haven’t been able to do, feeling guilty for time spent in bed recovering. I’ve had a few sessions with a psychologist at the hospital to help come to terms with my diagnosis, and she’s been helping me to see that actually, it’s okay for me to have time off, and that it’s okay to need time to recover from what I’ve been going with. I’ve signed up to a weekly yoga class designed to help people with anxiety and stress, and I’ve been trying hard not to feel guilty for my reduced workload. I want to start 2018 in a positive headspace, rested and hopefully recovered!

Finish up the final touches on the flat. We moved into our new place in June and then kinda stalled on the final bits and pieces that needed doing. We have a few bits of DIY that need finishing, I need to find a way to organise and store all the junk in my office, and I need a few finishing touches, curtains to be made for the living room, a giant mirror for the hall, artwork for the kitchen, that kinda thing. I want our home to feel cosy and warm in time for our first Christmas here, so I need to get organised!


Finish my blog redesign. I bought a new theme for my blog months ago after feeling less than happy with the layout for a while. Being ill has meant this ended up on the back burner, but I think a little revamp for in time for the new year would be nice!

Take on two new creative coaching clients. I stopped taking on creative coaching clients at the end of last year due to my health, and it’s a part of my work I’ve really missed! Now that I’m on the mend I want to open up a couple of spots to get me started again! I love helping people develop their blogs + businesses, it brings me so much happiness! (if you think you’d be interested in a little help, drop me an email at hello@wildimagination.co.uk and we can have a chat!)

Find a way to make fitness work for me. Recovering from surgeries and still struggling with my anaemia means hitting the gym isn’t really something that I can do (hell, I had to sit down for a bit after getting dressed this morning), but I’m keen to slowly start building up my fitness levels again. The gentle yoga sessions have been working for me, but I need something a little more than once a week. I’m thinking about having a chat with a personal trainer to try and find some exercises I can do that won’t put my body under too much stress, but will at least make me feel like I’m doing some movement!

Have you set yourself any goals for the rest of the year?

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