All Used Up

I used to do empties posts (semi) regularly, but I don’t know I feel like I kinda wasn’t offering much useful within the posts, other than a decision on whether I’d be repurchasing or not. So I kinda let them die a death. But recently I’ve used up a few things all in one go and I thought I’d try and recreate the old empties post, in the style of some mini reviews – in the hopes that now I’ve used all of the product, I’ll be able to give you a more rounded review!

Too Faced Hangover X Primer. This lasted me a really long time, despite being part of my daily routine for the last year or so. I love this primer, it’s lightweight and non-greasy, but a nice extra dose of moisture in the morning. I like the ingredients and the fact it’s cruelty free is a nice bonus. As far as helping makeup stay put, I’m not entirely convinced it does much, but it does make it go on a little smoother. I’m currently trying a new primer offering from First Aid Beauty right now, but I’d definitely repurchase this in the future.

Bleach Silver Conditioner. Another one bites the dust! This is my second bottle of this stuff, and I already have a third sat in my shower. This has been a must have for me since I’ve had lighter colours in my hair, I find purple shampoo too drying for my locks, so this is a nice alternative for getting rid of brassy tones without drying things out. It’s also pretty reasonable too at £6 a bottle, and since I only use it once a week it lasts a while too.

Giorgio Armani Si. Bit of a cheat here because this one still has a teeny amount left, but for all intents and purposes I’m calling this an empty, and I’ve already got another bottle ready to go. This is my signature scent, it’s a bit of a love hate one I know but I personally adore it (this was my second bottle!). I got Connor to pick me up another when he came through the airport last month and I’m so glad he did, I couldn’t be without this!

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Volume Mascara. I’m sad to admit that I definitely need to part ways with this! It’s gotten a little gloopy and lumpy now, but it lasted a good 3 months so I’m not too mad about it! This is my favourite mascara right now, it gives so much volume and definition to my lashes without things looking clumpy! If you’re a fan of big lashes have a look at this one, it’s pricey but gorgeous.

Soap and Glory Heel Genius. This is one of those underrated, under praised products! I hate having dry feet with a passion, so I always have a bottle of this on hand to slather my feet in before bed. It’s thick enough to offer a lot hydration, but not so thick that it takes hours to sink in, it’s got a lovely minty fresh scent, and it’s incredibly affordable. This might just be my favourite Soap and Glory product and yet I never hear anyone talk about it!

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Gel. The first base product I’ve used up in years! I love this stuff, it’s pretty much my go to now. I like that this evens out my skin tone without looking thick and cakey, or feeling heavy on the skin. The shade Opal is a perfect colour match for my skin, and despite being a lightweight base it lasts really well on the skin! I even got my makeup hating mama on to this stuff, it’s just so good! Already got a second tube in my stash ready to go!

What have you used up recently?