Watermelon Coolers

I almost feel a little cheeky calling this a recipe when it’s honestly like two ingredients in a blender but there you go that’s my style in the kitchen.

Last week Connor headed on a work trip so the night before he left we made cocktails and sipped them in the sunshine, and it was honestly blissful. Our favourite were these watermelon coolers, which were so easy to make!

So I recently discovered that Tesco sell frozen watermelon balls which was the entire inspiration behind this recipe, but you could buy fresh and then freeze it for a few hours before you make these! Having the watermelon frozen gives it that icy, slushie texture that makes it so refreshing!

Basically the extent of the recipe is shove a handful of watermelon in a blender, and cover it with sparkling wine (I like to use a sweet Asti for this!). You want to make sure you use more wine than watermelon otherwise it’s a little too chunky!

Serve with a sprig of rosemary and some mint leaves to add a little more flavour – and that’s literally it!

What’s your favourite summer cocktail?