April Planner Spreads in my Erin Condren Life Planner

I didn’t share the March pages of my Erin Condren Life Planner with you lovely lot because in all honesty – they weren’t that exciting! With my surgery at the beginning of the month, the weeks I actually filled out mostly read like ‘took a nap’, ‘watched a movie’, ‘slept all day’ – not the most riveting of content.

This month though, I really wanted to crack my planner open and chat to you about the spreads + stickers I’ve been using! I’ve been trying a few different things out, and I think I’ve finally found a groove where all the pages of my planner are proving functional for me!

Starting with the monthly notes page, this is previously a section which has sat unused, since I simply didn’t have a use for it. I’ve seen people use these as budget spreads, but I do that in my Bullet Journal, and I’ve seen these used as to do lists, but I kind of prefer to use my Erin Condren Life Planner as a bit of a memory keeping device, as opposed to a day to day to do list. This month, I got a little creative using the Erin Condren Always a Reason Always a Season To Celebrate Sticker book and I think I’ve finally found something I like! I used the strip stickers to divide the page into three sections, and the other stickers to decorate. I then devoted a section to monthly goals, a section for recording my favourite things from the month and a section for my highlights of the month. You can see in this snap I haven’t completely finished filling it in, but I love this and it’s something I’ve implemented for my May pages too!

For my monthly layout this month I used a kit from Hello Petite Paper, which is super cute and has a bit of an Easter vibe to it, without being super over the top chicks and ducks and bunnies. Whilst aesthetically, I love this kit, I found it didn’t really have enough functional stickers for me, so I found myself not really using it much. I’ve filled out a few happy things and important events from the month, but I’ve not been using it as much as I’d have liked! We aren’t even halfway through May and yet this month’s spread looks much busier!

For the last few days of March and the beginning of April, I used some leftovers from a few Hello Petite Paper Co Kits. I had the full box stickers from the Succulents Kit that came in an Oops Grab bag, as well as some functional stickers + glitter headers leftover from the Foxy and Girly kits. I like how this week came together, it’s the week I was in Copenhagen with my sister so it was pretty hectic at the start, followed by a few days doing very little recovering from all the walking! I love the Succulent theme and am seriously considering buying the full kit so I can use it again!

The first full week of April saw me use my first full kit from Paper Chic Co, the Fashion Blogger kit! Claudia of Paper Chic Co is a lovely lady and a very sweet internet friend of mine, and you’re about to see a lot of her kits! I loved the colour scheme of this kit although, with retrospect, it’s probably better suited to Autumn Winter! I didn’t care though because look how cute it is! I fell in love with Claudia’s kits after using this, they’re just so incredibly functional, I don’t find myself missing anything at all, and you can see that other than the odd munchkin, I’ve pulled in very few other stickers this week. The kit had everything I needed!

The next week I went back to using a kit from Miss Sabine Elise, the Slumber kit, and whilst I adore the artwork, and am pleased with how the week turned out, I did miss having so many functional icons! The soft pastels of this kit were perfect for Easter though, and I especially love the glitter headers in this kit!

Another week and back to a Paper Chic Co Kit, this time the Shine Bright kit. Unfortunately, this was a pretty boring week plans-wise, so it probably wasn’t the BEST week to use this kit, I should have saved it for a busier week, but it’s beautiful nonetheless! I loved the patterns in the full boxes of this week, and was still craving pastels after the Slumber kit.

And lastly, my favourite spread of the month! It’s busy and hectic and my trusty Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pen died halfway through the week, but I love it all the same. This is the Girl Boss kit from Paper Chic Co, and I adore the pretty purple + orange combo! It’s so bright and happy, and perfect for a busy week where the sun was shining! I especially loved the little pin stickers, which I used to mark the days I was in the office, and all the stationery themed stickers! I’m actually debating to buy this one again I love it so much!

So that’s what my planner looked like in April! I know a lot of people find these kinds of planners crammed with stickers a bit much, but it’s like low maintenance scrapbooking to me! I love having these pages to look back on!

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