How To Purge Your Wardrobe

With about a week to go til we start moving into our new place, I decided it was about time I gave my wardrobe a good sort out. I feel like a move is a good excuse to really curate your possessions, get rid of things you don’t use, or in this case wear, things past their best and things you just don’t love. Also when we move in, our built in wardrobes are likely to not be ready, so I wanted to make sure everything is organised and easy to find whilst we’re making do with clothing storage! So here’s my tips on how to purge your wardrobe, from a self-confessed clothes hoarder!

Wash everything.

Dig out every last piece of clothing you own, get it all clean and ready to sort. There’s no point clearing out your wardrobe and then doing your laundry to discover you’ve got more clothes to sort. Get it all out + clean, so it’ll be ready to go back in your wardrobe, be sold, or give to charity.

Lay everything out in occasion piles.

Once everything is clean and out of your wardrobe, organise it by occasion. Fancy dresses you wear infrequently in one pile, gym gear in another, everyday wear in a pile, work clothes together. This will make it so much easier to see what you have rather than just grouping by tshirts, skirts, trousers etc. Have a think about what you need from your wardrobe. If you only work out once a week, do you need 8 pairs of yoga pants? If you wear business casual to work, do you need so many cropped tees?

Stuff to throw first.

Clothes that are broken, stained, tired and overworn, say goodbye to first. This is the stuff you don’t want to sell or pass onto charity, the stuff that needs to go directly to a recycling bin. Get rid of the obvious bits first so you can see what you’ve got left to work with.

I don’t love you anymore.

Next weed out the bits you just don’t wear, need or love. Jumpers you’re hoarding for sentimental value, the party dress that doesn’t fit you quite right, the skirt you’ve had for six months and not removed the tags on. Divvy these up into stuff to pass on to your family + friends, stuff to sell (try Depop!) and things to donate to a charity shop.

If you’re not sure, say goodbye.

If you’re debating whether to pass something on, just do it. The fact that you’re thinking about it means you know deep down you’re not going to wear it, it’s not flattering or it just doesn’t work with your wardrobe. It’s a hard thing to do but trust me, you won’t miss it!

Hang what you want to wear more.

When it comes to putting things back into your wardrobe, hang the clothes that you know you want to try and wear more often. Rather than being tucked away in a drawer, it’ll be right in front of you when you come to get dressed, reminding you to wear it. If after four weeks back in your closet you still haven’t worn it, it’s time to say goodbye.

Invest in matching hangers.

They do wonders for making everything in your wardrobe look more organised! I’m a fan of super thin hangers, that way you can fit more in your hanging space!

Identify gaps!

This is the fun bit! Figure out if you have anything missing from your wardrobe! Perhaps it’s time to update your underwear, or you need a nude bra for your favourite shirt. Perhaps you don’t have enough smarter pieces for meetings, or you’re lacking in skirts. For me, my denim jacket is well past it’s best and needs replacing, and I need a few more light and summery dresses!

And that’s it! I love the feeling of an organised closet, and knowing I love every single item in my wardrobe!

Are you due a wardrobe clear out?