Copenhagen Botanical Gardens Palm House

These snaps simply HAD to be the first ones I shared from my whirlwind trip to Copenhagen last month, because they’re just so pretty. The Copenhagen Botanical Gardens was the one thing I desperately wanted to make time for whilst we were in the city, and I’m so pleased we managed to squeeze in a quick visit on our second (and last!) day in the city.

Tucked away right in the centre of the city, the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens look out onto the picturesque Rosenborg Castle. It’s a hop skip and a jump from the central Nørreport Metro Station, and you can easily look around the whole place in an hour. It’s calmer than the other parks in Copenhagen, the whole place practically oozes tranquility.

The main attraction of the Botanical Gardens is the Palm House. Nestled in the heart of the gardens, the giant conservatory is home to a plethora of leafy greenery + a tiny stream, kept at a warm and balmy temperature – a welcome relief from the bitter March cold. It was smaller than I expected, but perfectly formed. A large circular room houses the plants, framed by a white metal balcony, accessed by winding white staircases. Two staircases are labelled up and down respectively, in a way that had me feeling like Alice in Wonderland as I began my ascent.

From the narrow balcony, you can get a proper look at the hundreds of different palms housed in the greenhouse. Not a trip I recommend for anyone with a fear of heights, but it’s a dreamy little spot like something out of a fairytale. It’s also a busy spot, so our peace was eventually interrupted by a gaggle of Danish school children, and we made our way down the winding staircase for fear of being pushed over the railings by rowdy teenagers.

If you have an hour to kill in Copenhagen, I’d highly recommend a visit to the Palm House. We didn’t explore much of the grounds since it was bitterly cold, but what we did spy was just as beautiful. The Palm House is only open for a few hours a day, so double check before you trek across the gardens. In the summer, they also open the doors to the Cactus House, which sounds equally amazing. The gardens are free to enter, and come with my highest recommendation!

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  • What a beautiful posts and photos. Botanical gardens are always magical, can’t wait to visit the Prague ones in a few weeks x