January Planner Flip Through

Since my last Erin Condren Life Planner update here, the way I use my planner day to day has changed quite a bit, and so has my planning style. Whilst I still use it for planning out my day, I tend to use my bullet journal for glamorous things like *pick up dog food* and *wash socks*, and use my planner for the things I want to remember, like *ate loads of Pizza with Allie* or *wander round the forest for five hours taking photos*. It’s kinda 50% planner, 50% memory keeping, and I kinda like how it’s working out. Whenever I post photos of the inside of my Planner on Instagram, they always seem to be pretty popular, but I’m pretty rubbish at remembering to take photos for Instagram, so I thought I’d try out a new style of blog post, where I talk you through my planner spreads for the month, and if you guys are into it, we can make it more of a regular thing!

January monthly spread

I’m trying to get better at using my monthly spreads, but as you can see here, it’s not working out so well. I used this pretty kit from HTPlanning on Etsy. I loved the format of this kit, it had everything I needed + I loved the ‘this year I will’ boxes at the bottom. I’m just not very good at remembering to use it! I think next month I’m going to try to use it as more of a gratitude log, and write in a happy thing from each day – it’s not really working as a forward planner so I’m going to give it a go as a memory planner!

Erin condren Life planner

I had lots of bloggy bits to get done the first week of January, so I figured this  Blogger Babe kit, again from HTPlanning on Etsy, would be perfect. This was a fairly busy week so it’s quite a good example of my planning style right now! I’m using glitter headers to break up the boxes, and usually one full patterned box a day to break things up and make them look pretty. Most of the little icon stickers you see in this spread are from Happy Cutie Studio on Etsy, who do basically every kind of sticker you could possibly want!  You’ll see that I kinda couldn’t figure out the sidebar this week, but I loved having a habit tracker for walking, and that’s something I kept for the rest of the month! One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to walk more, so having a little reminder is handy, and it’s good to see when the last time I walked somewhere was!

January planner

This is an example of a week I didn’t love. This week in general was a pretty hard week, we had Connor’s Dad’s funeral at the beginning of the week, and after that we were kinda just reeling from that, so it was a pretty quiet week overall. Although I love this kit, (I think it was called Winter Forest, and it was by Miss Sabine Elise on Etsy) I think the patterns were way too busy for this week! Looking back, having the To Clean, To Buy and To Go stickers in the sidebar was really useful, and I think I need to go for this more often!

January Planner

This week was my favourite of January, and considering I didn’t even use a kit, I was really pleased with how it turned out. I had this washi tape that I picked up from PaperSource in California, and I knew I wanted to use that, so I just used stickers that I thought kinda went with the tape. My Once More With Love order arrived this week, so you’ll see the pages have been brightened up with more than a few munchkins! I also used a lot of the page flag stickers from my Erin Condren Functional Sticker Pack, which I really love! (P.S. How appropriate is the munchkin I used to mark ordering my Apple Watch?!)

January Planner spread

Last week, I discovered Paper and Gumption on Etsy, and I ended up using their adorable Coffee and Books kit! It was a pretty quiet week, but very munchkin heavy (note to self, dial it back on the munchkins next week). I love the colour scheme of this week, I found it quite easy to find glitter headers + stickers to match and I think it’s quite a calm spread!

So there we go, a sneak peak into my month!

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What planner are you using for 2017?