Current Hair Styling Loves

I have a real love hate relationship with my hair. Right now, it’s teetering back towards hate, because it’s desperately in need of a colour, and my fringe has all but disappeared. Despite all that, I’m in a real groove with my hair styling routine, and for once I’m pretty pleased with it!

Mostly it’s thanks to my swish new GHD Creative Curl wand, a gift from my parents for Christmas that’s been on my wishlist for literal years. It’s the best curling wand I’ve used, not too thick and not too small with a slight taper to the end. It ranges from 28-23mm, which I find is just perfect for natural looking curls. It heats up in under 10 seconds, and I can curl all my hair in under 10 minutes, which is a total dream.

Product-wise I’ve been keeping things light. I use a detangler with built in heat protector before I style my hair, but I’m pretty fickle and just buy whatever’s on offer when I need to repurchase. What I am loving though, is the Verb Ghost Oil, a product I picked up in Sephora last month on a whim, and have been loving ever since. It’s an oil that feels more like a serum, it’s super light in texture and it doesn’t smell of anything which I like! They recommend applying this to your hair whilst it’s damp, but I actually like to use a pump of this, run through the ends of my hair post curling. I find it breaks the curls up a little, smooths things out + puts a little moisture back into my locks. It’s also great to reapply on second day hair if things are looking a little frizzy or dry!

I’m not normally much of a hairspray kinda gal, but I’ve been setting my hard hair work in place with the Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray. This stuff keeps my curls in place, but doesn’t make them look crunchy or feel tacky at all. A ‘no hairspray hairspray’ if you will.

And that’s about it! I’m pretty happy with my current hair styling routine, what about you?