December To Do List

I love doing these posts, and December is the most wonderful time of the year, so I think this is my favourite to do list of the year! Without any further ado, here is my list of things you simply MUST do this month.

Deck The Halls. Block off a whole afternoon, put on your Christmas jumper, play your favourite Christmas songs, crack open a box of Celebrations & a bottle of wine, and decorate! Put up your tree, hang stockings, light candles. Get yourself excited for the festive season!

Late Night Light Drive. Bundle up in your cosy clothes, jump in the car and take a drive around your local area to see all the Christmas lights. I recommend taking a flask full of hot chocolate, and playing Smooth Xmas radio!

Drink Festive Coffee. Try one of my festive Starbucks hackspick up a gingerbread latte, or just drink a hella lot of hot chocolate. Calories don’t count in December, right?

Watch Elf. The undisputed reigning king of Christmas movies.

Splurge on Christmas Bath Bombs in Lush. Because you’re worth it. Check out my Christmas Lush Favourites for inspiration, but my advice is to just grab a basket and go nuts.

Visit a Christmas Market! Drink mulled wine, eat Bratwurst, and enjoy the festive spirit!

Make Hot Chocolate. Melt your favourite chocolate bar with milk, top with whipped cream, marshmallows, and stick a flake in too for good measure.

What’s on your December to do list?