Tips for Embracing Meditation

It took me a long time to get on board with meditation. Despite being an avid yoga fan, and quite enjoying the savasana at the end of my practice, I never quite managed to embrace meditation in my everyday life. Sometimes because I couldn’t make the time, sometimes because I felt silly, and mostly really, because I never found a way to make meditation work for me.

These days though, not a day goes by where I don’t make time for a little meditation. It’s been a slow process incorporating it into my daily routine, but now I don’t feel right without it! So for those of you interested in giving meditation a try, or those of you just trying to make it a daily habit, here are my tips.

  • Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting in silence on your own, not thinking of anything. Meditation can be taking 5 minutes on the tube to stick your headphones in and reflect on your day. It can be lying in bed at night and thinking on mindfulness. It can be taking a few moments in the morning to make a list of things you’re grateful for. Meditating doesn’t have to be done a certain way, make it work for you.
  • Don’t view it as a chore. As soon as meditation becomes a box you have to tick off your to do list, it’s going to feel like work – and you’re not going to want to do it. Instead of making it something you HAVE to do each day, find ways to make it something you WANT to do every day.
  • Find an app that works for you. One of the easiest ways to make meditation a daily habit is to start off with an app guided meditation. I personally love Headspace, but there are so many apps out there, with a little experimentation you’re guaranteed to find one that works for you!
  • Find a time of day that works for you. I personally like to take five minutes out first thing in the morning, it helps me start the day on the right foot, but there’s no right or wrong time to meditate! Try it out at lots of different times, utilise your commute, try it after exercise or before bed.
  • Create a meditation environment that makes you feel calm. This doesn’t mean you need a room with a yoga matt, incense and an ambient Enya soundtrack, but it does mean finding somewhere to minimise distractions. For me, this means curling up in my favourite arm chair by the window with a cup of tea, but there are no rules here!

Hopefully some of these tips will get you started!