A Mini Beauty Haul

It’s strange, in the last two years or so I’ve majorly cut back on my beauty buying habits (much to the relief of my bank account) and these days I tend to repurchase rather than purchase new. A big step forward for a beauty junkie like myself! I did a little restock on some old favourites this month and thought I’d share them with you, since they’re all products I don’t think I’ve mentioned before, or have only mentioned briefly! A mini beauty haul for you all!

Starting with a haircare favourite, I repurchased the H&M Dry Conditioner. If you’re a curly haired gal like me, you’ll want to check this out, it’s a quick pick me up for dry, fluffy hair. It’s infused with Argan Oil, and helps soften & defrizz hair in between washes. I try to always have a can of this on hand, it’s so useful!

My Beauty Blender was looking a little sad, so I finally picked up a new one. I freaking love my Beauty Blender, it’s my first choice for base & concealer application. It just makes everything look so natural! Mine was definitely past it’s best, so I picked up another & a solid cleanser too, which is definitely the best product for cleaning the Beauty Blender.

I also picked up a couple more polishes from the new Essie Winter Collection. I love this collection, they aren’t your typical ‘winter’ picks, but I think all of them are super wearable at this time of year. I picked up Satin Sister & Getting Groovy (keep your eyes out for a full review soon).

And lastly, I grabbed two more of the Lush Autumn Leaf Bath Bombs. I used one of these last month and loved it so much that I just had to pick up a couple more! I love everything about this bath bomb, it smells incredible and looks beautiful in the bath!

Have you picked up anything recently?