Lush Christmas Favourites

You guys know by now I’m definitely a Lushie – I can’t resist a good bath bomb! And for me Lush + Christmas is just utter magic, you’ll often find me going nuts in Lush this time of year. For good reason too, Lush seem to do their best work at this time of year! It can be a bit of a minefield though, they have so many products it’s hard to know where to start, so to help you get started, these are my Lush Christmas Favourites!

Let’s start with bath bombs, and there are a ton in the Christmas range, but two I wanted to mention in particular. Firstly, the Mistletoe bomb, a beautiful pink & green confection of jasmin. Whilst not the most festive in colour, it’s undeniably pretty & it smells wonderfully warm and floral. My favourite though is Star Dust, a warm vanilla scent infused with bergamot oil to soften the skin. In the water it transforms to a minty blue fizz storm, and is so incredibly relaxing.

Lush Mistletoe Bath bomb Christmas 2016

I always stock up on the bubble bars around this time of year, not only do they look & smell great, I also usually get around four baths out of each one, so they’re definitely a better value for money! I always pick up a Peeping Santa, a softening confection of shea & cocoa butter, infused with citrus oils that keep it from being too heavy. It fills the tub with beautifully soft red bubbles, and feels entirely festive.

I’m not a massive Snow Fairy fan, it’s a little too sickly sweet for me, but I do love Candy Mountain bubble bar. A vanilla party, it’s sweet but not as overpowering as the likes of Snow Fairy. It’s one of Lush’s more inexpensive options at £2.95, and you’ll get four tubs of shimmering pink bubbles out of it.

I can also never resist the Christmas Penguin bubble bar, a rich combination of citrus oils that really lift your senses. Blue waters and foaming white bubbles, using this bath bomb you could almost believe you were out in the Antarctic yourself. And look at it, it’s so gosh darn cute.

Lush Star Dust bath bomb christmas 2016

Lush always brings out a giant range of shower gels at this time of year, and whilst they are all lovely, Twilight is my jam. This has already vanished from the website but is still available in some stores, and is totally worth hunting out. A blend of relaxing essential oils, tonka, lavendar, ylang ylang, it’s like bottled sleep. I pair it with the new Sleepy body lotion, which is full of softening agents like cocoa butter & oatmeal, and scented with the same essential oils as Twilight. The perfect combination for anyone who struggles drifting off, slather up with this and you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

I also always keep a tub of the Christingle body conditioner in the shower this time of year. An invigorating infusion of peppermint and menthol, it’s the moisturising equivalent of stepping naked into the fresh snow. It really wakes the skin up whilst pumping it with moisture, it’s perfect for helping you wake up on these dark winter mornings.

Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub Christmas 2016

The Lush lip scrubs are always a treat, but the Sugar Plum Fairy one is above and beyond my favourite. Sweet caster sugar flavoured with blackcurrant and sweet orange, I challenge anyone not to lick this off their lips! The perfect antidote for dry winter lips.

And lastly, a shout out for the Buche de Noël Cleanser, my skin’s favourite in shower treat. A clay based cleanser packed full of festive goodies like cranberries, almonds, brandy and mandarin, it smells just like Christmas. It’s a little gritty, but does wonders for softening the skin, and leaves it feeling super clean, but soft and supple too.

Whether you’re treating yourself, or putting together a little Christmas gift set for a friend, Lush really do have something for everyone. They have something for every budget too, pick up a bubble bar for your Secret Santa, or put together a collection of favourites for your best friend!

What are your Lush Christmas favourites?