Keeping SAD at Bay

Whilst October has an air of magic, the approach of Halloween and falling leaves keep things feeling mystical, November can be a bit of a harsh introduction to Winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a very real thing, that can take all the enjoyment out of the month, so today I thought I’d talk about little ways to keep SAD at bay at this time of year.

Make seasonal plans: Making the most of what the season has to offer is always a good start. Overcast days and dark nights seem much less daunting when you have plans to watch fireworks, walk in an autumnal national park, or roast marshmallows on an open fire. Embracing the season with a positive attitude can work wonders for your general state of mind this time of year.

Get outside in the mornings: Walk to work, round the block before your commute, or even to a local coffee shop if you work from home. Making sure you get enough fresh air and exercise helps load your body with happy endorphins.

Avoid foods that make you feel sluggish: The temptation this time of year to turn to mac’n’cheese & endless slices of toast is real, but keeping your diet on the healthy side of things will help you feel better. Opt for healthier comfort food, veg heavy rich stews, homemade soups & hearty roasts will keep you fuller for longer & give you more energy.

Make your home light and bright: Keep your curtains open, place mirrors strategically, switch out your bedding for a white set, and embrace as much light as possible. It’s also a good idea to invest in a Lumie lamp, to give you an extra dose of natural light. I have one on my desk, and a body clock too, to help me wake up without feeling sluggish!

Get into a routine: Wake up at a decent time, make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and allow your body to adjust to a natural rhythm.

Get excited for Christmas!: What better way to beat the winter blues than to get excited for Christmas?! Start your gift shopping, put together a wishlist, buy decorations & drink all the festive Starbucks drinks. It’s impossible to be sad whilst thinking about Christmas.

Embrace Hygge: Make your home a cosy snuggly haven that you’ll be happy to spend the evenings in! Light candles, stock up on hot chocolate supplies, and buy yourself new blankets!

What are your top tips for beating Seasonal Affective Disorder?