An A/W Lush Haul


Oh yes, it’s that wonderful part of the year where the Autumn Winter range drops into Lush.

I was lucky enough to swing by their Creative Showcase (photos of that here), and whilst I has an amazing time, the queues were so long I decided to pick up the bits I wanted in the Oxford Street Store instead.
So a few days later I bumbled down to the mecca that is the Oxford Street branch and got a little spendy. Top tip – the best time to shop here is 10am on a Tuesday morning, you’ll be one of about four customers and the staff will talk you through everythaaaaaaang.
Let’s start with the bath bits because I know that’s what you’re here for. Once I’d gotten over the disappointment that after 15 years of good service, Cinders has been discontinued (why oh why Lush do you continue to take the greats from me?!), I decided to go down the all new route, picking up bits that were either new to me or completely new to Lush.
 The first thing I picked up was the new Autumn Leaf bath bomb, because who could resist something that pretty? Layered green, yellow and red powder scented of Neroli, Sandalwood and Bergamot oils, it’s fresh and uplifting whilst being soothing. It totally embodies the feeling of a crisp autumn morning! So excited to see how this makes the bath look!
 I of course had to pick Pumpkin bath bomb, because anything pumpkin pie scented gets my vote. This has beautiful berry and vanilla notes in too, and I dream of laying back in a bath of this sipping Pumpkin Spice Baileys!
I couldn’t resist this cute little guy, so the Monsters Ball bath bomb came home too. Scented with lime and Neroli oils this is a super uplifting number that smells really fresh. He also looks like a combination of Mike Wasowski and Sully so it’s got that going for it too.
Another Halloween pick, the Boo Bath Melt had to happen, with softening cocoa butter, spicy ginger and mimosa, the shop assistant described this as a ‘bubble bath hug’ and now I’m  very excited to use it!
I decided to be (moderately) good and resist most of the Christmas bits (for now) but I just had to pick up The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar. He smells just like The Olive Branch soap if you’re into that kinda fresh scent, and I normally get three or four baths out of him!
And lastly on the bath front, I picked up this cute pink and yellow one. I can’t tell you what it is because I can’t find it online and it doesn’t have a label, but I can tell you it smells like Lovehearts, so that was me sold.
 A few quick non bath bits, I picked up a bottle of Twilight Shower gel, scented of lavender it’s my favourite thing to use in evening showers. I also picked up the new Sleepy Body Moisturiser, which is also lavender scented – so I’m hoping these two will help crack down on my insomnia. I ran out of my lip scrub last month, so I was going to pick up the Santa Baby scrub, but once I smelt Sugar Plum Fairy, I had to have it – it smells (and tastes) just like The Comforter!
So there we have it, my first Autumn Lush haul of what I’m sure will be many!
Some of the Halloween collection is out now, but the full A/W range drops October 2nd nationwide. It’s all in the Oxford Street Flagship now though if you just can’t wait!
Are you planning on picking anything up?



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