The Transitional Jacket

 Transitional dressing is HARD people. Living in London is hard because the weather is ridiculous. Right now it’s warm, but rainy and windy. So it’s damn near impossible to dress for the occasion.

I was actually in a bit of a clothing funk, not really liking anything in my wardrobe because nothing felt appropriate. I was either hot and sweaty or cold and wet.

INSERT STAGE LEFT: The transitional jacket.

For years, the perfect transitional jacket has eluded me. I’ve searched for it to no avail. It’s been something of a sore spot.

Last year, I thought I’d found the one. It was hanging in Zara and it was beautiful. But it was £140. I didn’t have £140.

BUT THEN, last week I came across this beauty in H&M. It’s almost identical to the Zara number, but at the mere price of £29.99, it was a steal.

And so that’s the story of how this jacket came home with me. Our relationship is off to a cracking start already, I can tell our future is bright.

It fits with my wardrobe theme of black/white/grey/navy, but the pattern makes it totally appropriate to wear in the spring summer months.

The slightly cropped sleeve means you’re not going to overheat, but if the heavens open unexpectedly, you’re covered.

And I love the length of it too.

It’s the perfect thing for jazzing up my 99% jeans-and-tee wardrobe.

And it makes me feel smart and profesh too.