An August To Do List

Oh August, where did you come from? It seems like only yesterday I was celebrating the arrival of Peony season and now that’s long gone. 
August is going to be an exciting month for me. My new business is launching at the end of the month and I’m equal parts nervous and excited. I can’t wait to see what I’ve been working so hard to create for you, and I only hope you’ll love it as much as I do. 
So most of August for me will be spent working on the launch, but there are a few other things I want to make time for, and you should too! 
Seek simplicity. Scale back and live a little simpler. When you’re busy with work it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so I hope by stripping back in other areas of my life, I won’t feel too overwhelmed.
Quiet time. I’m often guilty of filling up every scrap of free time with events, meetings and hangouts, but this month I want to take a little time out to indulge in some me time. More yoga, more reading, more quiet nights in watching Gilmore Girls with the Boy.
Try something new. With all that being said, I’m excited to try something new this month. Mid August I’ll be headed up to London’s Sky Garden for a 6am yoga class looking out on the city, and I couldn’t be more excited. 
Appreciate the little beauty. The way the clouds curl around the tops of the trees early in the morning. The satisfaction of the first page of a new notebook. My kitten’s happy face when she wakes me up at 4am. 
Make time for the ‘when I get a chance’ list. Mine includes baking cupcakes, cleaning up my desktop files, creating categories for this here blog, and writing another article for Citizen M. 
What’s on your August to do list?

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