Lattes + Laptops: Hej Coffee

 Whenever Ghenet and I get together we use it as an excuse to try out a new coffee shop, from our neverending list of coffee-shops-to-try. For our first reunion in over a month, we decided it was time to head to Hej Coffee, a cute scandi cafe/flower shop hybrid in Bermondsey Square.
Minimalist, cosy scandinavian design oozes from every decor choice inside the cafe, from stripped back wooden tables to tin jugs stuffed with fresh blooms on every available space.
Friendly faces behind the counter are happy to chat to you about the menu options, and service was super speedy.
 Normally, Ghenet and I are both a sucker for a chai latte, but this time we both opted for something a little different. Ghenet ordered a flat white, which came out complete with adorable latte art, and I settled for a pot of fresh mint tea, made with fresh mint leaves.
I hadn’t had any breakfast, so I ordered a slice of Avocado Sourdough, topped with fresh rocket and drizzled with honey. I’d never thought to pair honey with avocado but it tasted delicious, and apparently it helps stop the avocado from browning!
Ghenet and I also both ordered muffins, she let me get the last apricot & vanilla, going for the chocolate chip herself. Both were fantastic – fresh and fluffy and super tasty!
So the food and atmosphere both get big thumbs up from me! If you’re ever in the Bermondsey area I’d definitely recommend checking it out!

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