10 Happy Things

This week simultaneously feels like it’s flown and dragged by. I’m not entirely sure how that happened but what I do know is that I feel utterly exhausted, and that I’m really looking forward to a slow Sunday.
Sitting down to write about happy things still feels a bit wrong in light of recent events, but it’s at times like this when picking out the good bits is oh so important. So let’s chat about happy things, shall we?
  1. Starting the week off with cuddles and love from Mr Finn. Home feels empty and weird without Teaser, but having Finn around makes things a little easier. Especially because he’s a big fan of cuddles (as am I).
  2. Finally visiting the NARS boutique in Covent Garden. Even if that place makes my bank account cry. 
  3. Running into Claire at Embankment and having her join us for the M&S Christmas Preview. It was one of those moments that made me feel like a proper Londoner, running into someone I know outside the tube like that. Claire is also a massive babe – and it’s impossible to be sad around her. Fact. 
  4. Speaking of the M&S press day OH MY GOSH. Percy Pigs wearing Santa hats, make your own Gin stations, Prosecco flavoured crisps and pork belly. It was heavenly and I absolutely did not want to leave.
  5. I discovered a new drink in Starbucks, or rather, I created a new drink in Starbucks? If you add Strawberry sauce to a Lime Refresha, it tastes like Twisters. An awesome pick me up on a cold day! 
  6. Oliver Bonas had their Christmas preview too and oh wow I can feel my wallet getting lighter already. Does everything they make have to be so stinking cute? If I could only shop in one shop for the rest of my life it would absolutely be Oliver Bonas. 
  7. Pizza & catch ups with Verity and Tasha at Yard Sale Pizza. Delicious pizza with good friends, what more could you want from life? 
  8. I had a gorgeous parcel arrive from Farfetch this week which made me grin from ear to ear. They were kind enough to send me a gift card and after the month I’ve had, I decided to use it to treat myself to something I’d never normally buy. More on that next week… 
  9. I spent yesterday in Brighton with my wonderful friend Carrie, who aside from being generally awesome has been so supportive, ever since my grandad was first diagnosed back in December. We had a long overdue catch up over brunch, and spent the afternoon chatting all things creative! I was also able to pop into Bluebird Tea whilst I was in town and stock up on some favourites! 
  10. Catching up with my best friend from school whilst I was in Brighton. We had dinner at Franco Manca – my all time favourite pizza place, and then ate fresh donuts on the pier whilst the sun set. So very touristy and cliched but so much fun! It was so fun to hang out, and by the time I got on the train home I’d half lost my voice! 

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, here’s hoping it only gets better!  

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