Grown Alchemist

Last year, my skin got a little agitated in the cold weather, and I found myself trawling the internet for some new skincare to help it out. I stumbled upon the brand Grown Alchemist, and since then I’ve been a little hooked. 
Grown Alchemist is a botanical beauty brand with a philosophy I can get behind. They use natural technology to create organic products that your skin will love. I love that they explain the science behind their skincare (you can read about it in detail here) and that their team truly believes in what they are creating.  
I started off just using the Geranium Leaf, Bergamot and Rose Bud Cleanser, morning and night for a gentle cleanse. It cleans the skin without stripping it back, or making it feel like it’s covered in product. It claims to help calm skin, whilst reducing redness and minimising pores, and having used it for over 6 months now, I’d say all of that is true. My skin just adores this stuff – I just have to hide it from Connor because his skin likes it too! 
A more recent addition to my skincare routine is their Hydra-Repair Cream with Camellia and Geranium Blossom. I was looking for a morning moisturiser that gave a nice finish for makeup, and this fits the bill nicely. It’s light, sinks in quick, and leaves the skin feeling smooth. It contains Rosehip Oil too, which my skin absolutely adores, and my skin has been much softer and smoother since I started using this.
And lastly, I also ended up investing in the Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream too. I couldn’t resist the sound of the scent, and it smells every bit as good as you’d imagine. It’s richly hydrating, but fast to absorb, so it doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky. It’s really helped with the peeling skin around my nail beds, and it looks pretty nice sat on my desk too. 
As I use up other things in my skincare routine I’ll definitely start switching them out with Grown Alchemist products, they seem to really work for my skin! I’ve got my eye on the Watermelon Lip Balm next!
Have you tried anything from Grown Alchemist? 

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