Hengistbury Head

 I spent a lot of time at Hengistbury Head during my childhood, what with it being a stones throw from my primary school and all, but I haven’t been back in years. Last week, after Connor’s final exam, we celebrated being home with a long, slow walk round the Head. It was utterly blissful to actually be out of the house, and able to wonder without worrying about getting home to revise or missing work! 
Despite a hundred and one trips to the head, I’d never actually climbed up it, so Con insisted we did that. The intense thigh burn was worth it because the views were positively stunning, if you’re ever in the Bournemouth area, I’d definitely recommend making the trip!
 We took Finn along for the ride and he had an absolute whale of a time, running up and down the hill, chasing pigeons and befriending other walkers. He gave us a good giggle thinking he could catch a particularly speedy seagull, and by the end of the walk he was pooped – no mean feat for a hyperactive Cockapoo! 
I spent most of the walk daydreaming about owning one of these gorgeous beach huts, can you imagine spending the night in one of these, listening to the waves crash against the shore? Heavenly, I should imagine. 
It definitely made me realise how lucky I am to have such beautiful beaches and nature reserves on my doorstep, I really must make the most of them more often!