3 Overnight Masks

Two years ago, overnight masks were a completely foreign concept to me, but right now I’m totally digging them. In fact, I seem to go to bed with one most nights, and my skin is so grateful for it. 
Overnight masks are a fantastic way to give your skin a boost even if you don’t have time for a pamper session. Simply slather on, and lie back for a nap, to wake up with fabulous looking skin. I’ve developed an arsenal of favourites over the last few months, for whatever my skin should need! 
For skin that’s a little parched: there’s nothing better than the Origins Drink Up Intensive. A zesty orange scented moisture rich mask that gives the skin an instant boost of hydration. Perfect for flaky, dry skin, or skin that’s feeling a little hydrated. This applies just as a thick moisturiser would, and you’ll wake up to plump, soft skin!
For skin that’s tired: I reach for The Body Shop’s Drops Of Youth Bouncy Overnight Mask – a weird alien-goo consistency that just gives the skin an instant perk up. One night of this and my skin looks plumper, brighter and happier. It sinks in quickly, so you could even get away with wearing this one on a long haul flight too!
For skin that’s freaking out: I love the Kiehls Cilantro and Lime Pollutant Defending Masque. This cleans and purifies the skin, leaving your complexion looking clearer & your pores tighter. I love the scent of this, but it does give a bit of a green tint to the skin, so give your significant other fair warning when going for this one, so they don’t think you’re coming down with something!
Are you a fan of overnight masks?