Two Summer Essentials You NEED.

It was 31 degrees in London today. Three One. Thirty One. Do you have any idea how insane that is? The weather this last week totally took me by surprise, and I ended up in Boots on Tuesday last week, panic buying sunscreen, after sun and bug spray with reckless abandon. 
Amongst the big bag of summery essentials, there were two standout products that deserved a mention here. Firstly, the Bioderma Hydrabio Eau De Soin – an SPF 30 face spray. This caught my eye because you can actually apply this over makeup, which is something completely new to me. It’s a fine mist spray that you can spritz over the top of makeup or before makeup. It’s definitely going to give you a little more of a dewy finish, but nothing a little powder won’t fix if you’re not a fan. This is going to be a total lifesaver for midday sunscreen top ups, and I’ve already put it to good use! 
And secondly, the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL, an SPF 50 UVA + UVB facial sunscreen. The main reason I love it? It doesn’t stink. Why does facial sunscreen always stink? Anyway, this is really lightweight, not sticky, and it absorbs fast, protecting the skin. A+.
Are you ready for the warm weather?