Travelling As A Couple – What To Expect

Relationships are hard work on a normal day, so it would be foolish to expect travelling with your significant other to be plain sailing, easy as pie. If you’re planning your first trip as a couple this summer, you’re in for a great time, but there are likely to be a few surprises too.
In fact, travelling with anyone new for the first time can be tricky. We all want and expect different things from our vacation time, and that’s totally fine, but it’s important to prepare for that too. 
Whilst holidays are all about fun – there are guaranteed to be a few stressful moments thrown in there too. Delayed flights, lost luggage, sunburn, language barriers, there are lots of things that can go wrong, but getting through these things without falling out will guarantee you return home closer than ever. 

Know what each other expects from your trip.

If one of you is a lounge lizard with plans to lay by the pool, and the other fancies themselves as an Indiana Jones Explorer, it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. Have a chat before your trip to find out what each other wants to do, and plan out how you can get a good mix of activities, and make all of them fun for both of you. 

Be prepared to compromise.

For me, it was accepting that my boyfriend will never be able to spend a whole day poolside, and that’s okay. I love exploring, but I also love being able to relax, so we compromise, mornings exploring before it gets too warm, and afternoon dips in the sea. 

Prepare, and prepare again.

Advance planning really can’t hurt you. Pick up a guidebook, learn some basic phrases in the local language, and make sure you have all your necessary documents to hand. It’ll help avoid those silly little unnecessary arguments.

Don’t feel like you have to do everything together.

If you were at home you wouldn’t spend every second of every day together, and your vacation doesn’t have to be the same. If you want a spa day but your SO can’t stand the thought, book it just for you, or if your other half is a gym monkey but you want a lie in, part ways for an hour or two! Not only will it keep you both sweet, a little time apart will stop you getting on each others nerves.

Let the little things go.

Okay, so it might drive you mad that he’s not unpacked his suitcase, or he leaves his wet tiles on the floor, but cut them a little slack. They’re on vacation, and it’s not worth arguing about. 

Discuss your budget.

I’ve known holidays go on holiday together blissfully happy and return on the brink of disaster because of money. Some people will approach a holiday as a time to loosen the purse strings and splurge on as much gelato as possible, whilst others will want to stick to a strict budget. Discuss your budget together before hand so you can be on the same page at your destination.

The most important thing to remember is that travelling as a couple is an AMAZING experience that can really strengthen a relationship & be the time of your life. Life is all about collecting amazing memories and experiences, so remember that and you’ll have a blast! 
Do you have any tips for travelling as a couple?