Embracing Pattern

If you were to open my wardrobe, you would find a whole host of clothes in one very specific colour range – black, white and grey. I’ll hold my hands up and admit to being the least experimental person ever when it comes to clothes, I like classic cuts, plain colours and – well, black. 
But every time the whether starts to perk up, I start daydreaming of a Spring wardrobe filled with colour, flowers and importantly, patterns. 
But everytime I try to incorporate these elements into my wardrobe, I just don’t end up wearing them. SO, this year, I’ve tried really hard to find patterned pieces that do work with my strictly monochrome wardrobe, and that I’ve actually been really enjoying wearing. 
Insert stage left these babies from H&M. I picked these up on a desperate shopping mission last week when I was basically going “Oh my god it’s so effing hot in England and all I own is black skinny jeans”. I love that they’re loose fitting whilst still being a slim cut, so they’re still quite flattering. Whilst yes, the print is kinda nuts, it’s not too bright and colourful that I don’w feel comfortable in them. 
They’re super soft, with a stretchy waistband that my food babies appreciate. I ended up sizing up in these to get a fit that I liked, but I am so pleased with them, I’m thinking about picking them up in a few different colours!
And the best part of these trousers? The price! At £7.99 I may just go back and pick up a few more pairs. 

My Tips For Making Patterns Work

Pick one patterned item, and balance it out with plain pieces. I always opt for a plain black, white, or grey oversized tee with patterned trousers and skirts, or skinny jeans with a patterned to. 
Stick within your colour scheme. If you’re not used to patterns, ease yourself into it gently with clothes that fit in your usual colour scheme – you’ll never wear something bright and patterned if you’re used to dark plain clothes.
Think about the fit of your clothes & the size of the pattern. I never wear small, intricate patterns on loose fitting tees because I know it makes me look HUGE, but I know that small patterns on fitted trousers actually makes my legs look longer – woohoo!
Keep everything else simple. Steer clear of fussy bags and crazy hair, and let your pattern be the star of the show!
Are you guys pattern lovers?