Pretty Little London

 Nearly four years in this city and the shine has yet to fade for me. The days where I have time to walk between meetings instead of tube are my favourite, I stroll camera in hand down back streets and side alleys, just looking at this city. This city, that is almost starting to feel like home.
What I love about London the most is how no two streets look the same. The buildings vary from colossal towers to tiny terraces, tudor marvels to glass monstrosities. Above store fronts you’ll find hundred year old apartments with their original facades, and next to a monument you’ll find a 2016 office block. This city never fails to surprise me.
London is in fact, so pretty, that I have a giant folder on my desktop just full of photos of it. So here they are for you to admire too. I love this city so much, so I’m spreading the word.