Evening Relaxation

I mentioned in this post that I have real trouble shutting off at night, I’m definitely a sufferer of ‘busy brain’. To try and counteract it, I’ve gotten into the swing of a relaxation-friendly evening routine!

Starting off with a hot shower, using an Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oils, I slather it onto my skin, and let the steam fill the bathroom with the scent. It’s a great way to clear the airways and centre the mind for a second. 
Post shower, I make myself a hot cup of tea, and then roll out my yoga mat for some gentle stretching. I find that a simple routine of a few poses just helps me loosen up and relax. I do a few Cat Cows, some Table Top Twists, a little time in Child’s Pose and Happy Baby Pose, Pigeon, and then finishing off with Nightime Goddess. It’s simple, won’t let you break a sweat, and helps things feel a little comfier. Once I’m all Yoga-d out, I like to massage my legs and shoulders with a little Magnesium Oil, I find it helps soothe my aching muscles and calm me down – it’s great for period pain too!

At this point I tend to find reading or watching tv keeps my brain too busy, so I tend to snuggle up with my colouring book for a moment or two. I find that concentrating on colouring keeps other stresses out of my brain!
When I’m ready for bed I get comfy, stick my Lumie Lamp on Sunset mode, and scribble in my 3am Journal. A few spritzes of my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, and snuggle down for a Headspace session with my Winter Glow Yankee candle – then it’s off to sleep!
What’s your go to relaxation routine? 

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