10 Happy Things

This week has been so manic, that I’ve had to pull out my diary just to remember Monday. I’ve somehow hopped London-Italy-London-Paris-London-Bournemouth this week and man, have I had enough of public transport now. I’m also definitely harbouring the beginnings of a cold which I’ll put down to all the planes and trains, so I’m looking forward to a restful Sunday.
It has, however, been a great week, full of lots of happy moments, so without further ado – ten happy things from the week past.
1. Arriving at Stansted airport at 9am Monday morning to find a Joe and The Juice through security – oh happy days! I ordered a Hangover Heaven which is definitely my favourite, a wake-me-up combo of apple, mint and elderflower. The perfect start to a busy week (along with a few cheeky duty free purchases!).
2. Landing in Genoa to beautiful blue skies, temperatures in the early twenties and palm tree lined streets – not a bad way to start your week!
3. Blagging an upgrade on my hotel room for the night – I ended up with a giant suite just for me! It was the first time I’d ever stayed in a hotel room alone, but the giant bed, big bath & marble table for photographs certainly helped make me feel at home!
4. Chowing down on the most delicious fresh pizza, and washing it down with a bottle of wine, I think that pizza has ruined all other pizzas for me for a while! Pizza is the best thing about Italy!
5. Shopping on the Champs-Élysées! I’ve never been before and it was certainly an experience! The blue skies, beautiful buildings and of course – Sephora! It was also a pretty easy trip to make, so perhaps I need to make a few more trips to the fair city!
6. Hanging out with my girl Allie in Paris – can we be best friends now please?
7. Paris Starbucks still has Berry Hibiscus Refreshas – my must favourite Starbucks order! I ordered a Venti in the world’s worst french and the fluent English barista did a great job of not laughing in my face.
8. Coming home to see Con after three days away, and spending the evening in bed with takeout Wagamamas. It’s the simple things, right?
9. Sneaking out on Friday night with my mum for a few drinks and a plate of nachos at a bar near our house. Catching up over beers isn’t a bad way to end the week!
10. Cuddles with my sister’s best friend little boy. He’s such a cutie!
All in all – a very good week!
Here’s to a wonderful week ahead for us all! x