Real Life: The Uniform

I think one of my struggles with blogging recently has come from struggling to project a happy life. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in creating idyllic flat lays, dressing up and trying new products to try and convince you to buy, and I forget why I created this blog. What I wanted, was to share my life with you guys, and real life isn’t always perfect. Sure, sometimes it’s fun to play photographer with cute props, and talk about pretty things, but I also think I need to get back to real life too.
And real life isn’t always perfect. 
Real life is heading out to take blog photos, and getting caught in a freak 3 minute hail storm, and being soaked through to your skin.
Real life is wearing the same skinny jeans, Nikes and sweater for three days this week because it’s the comfiest outfit ever. 
Real life is picking where to take your outfits photos not based on where looks good, but instead a good spot to stretch out and dry off.
Real life is picking up a giant Vanilla Bean Macchiato, and having a little splurge in Space NK to help Monday move along. 
Real life is carrying the world’s biggest handbag just to fit my laptop, cameras and notebooks in.
Real life is taking blog photos and then getting annoyed because your cheeks look chubby in all of them.
Real life is windswept hair and squinting in the sun.
Real life is not being perfect 100% of the time.
Real life is not being happy 100% of the time.
 Real life right now is a mixture of hard work and family time, and very little else. My uniform is currently Topshop skinny jeans, my Nike Free Runs, and some kind of sweater. This one is one of my favourites, a Whistles number that’s cosy and cute all at the same time. My parents bought me this new Kate Spade bag for my birthday, and it’s perfect for carrying almost all of my possessions, whilst still looking cute. 
So yeah, this is what running around doing work days look like right now. 
Do you have a go to uniform?

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