The Ultimate Brush Line Up

It’s taken nearly four years of excessive beauty purchasing for me to finally have a crack team of ride or die brush loves in my arsenal. If I lost all my makeup collection tomorrow, these are the brushes I’d repurchase without hesitation! 
The Foundation Wizard: I’ve tried a lot of foundation brushes in my time, I always thought that buffing brushes were the way forward but man I was wrong. The Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush 56 brush is everything you could ever want from a foundation brush. It’s petite enough to get into all the nooks and crannies of your face, but not so small that it takes forever to blend out the product. The artificial fibres really work the product into your skin making foundation look incredibly natural.
The Perfect Eyeshadow Duo: For packing on the product, I’m obsessed with the Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26. It’s soft and fluffy enough to blend product out product like a dream too! I also love the Zoeva Luxe Petit Crease Brush for working colour into the crease and adding definition.
For Contouring: I’m no contouring expert, but even I like a touch of ashy colour under the cheekbones to disguise my pizza cheeks. I never really found a brush I loved for it though, until the Makeup Geek Rounded Blush Brush came into my life. It’s super dinky and fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks, whilst blending product out really well.
For Concealing Dark Circles: I’ve tried a bunch of brushes for concealer but wasn’t fussed by any of them until I discovered the Real Techniques Contour Brush. It’s soft and fluffy, and blends out concealer like a dream without minimising coverage. 
For a Natural Blush: There are no shortage of blush brushes on the market, but my favourite by far is the Zoeva Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush. It’s the perfect shape and size, and it doesn’t pick up too much product, and it blends colour out like a dream!
For a Gorgeous Highlight: I never had a specific brush for highlight until recently, when the Makeup Geek Cheek Highlighter Brush came into my life and changed everything. This brush picks up just the right amount of product, and blends it into the skin in the most natural way. It’s also a great blush for cream cheek products, so natural! 
For a Natural Bronze: I wrote a semi-scathing review on the Real Techniques Bold Metals Arched Powder Brush because it’s a fairly atrocious brush for powder. That being said, it’s fantastic bronzer brush, because it doesn’t pick up too much product. It’s perfect for pale gals like me, it’s fairly foolproof! I’m not super impressed with the overall quality of this brush considering the price, the bristles are great but the gold coating is coming off which is pretty annoying. 
What are your favourite brushes?