The Rain In London

It’s typical isn’t it, we have a week of beautiful blue skies (even if it is bitterly cold) and then the one day Con and I allocate as date day, it pees it down with rain all. freaking. day. Sigh.
Our plans for a slow meander around Soho therefore, were cut short, and after a long lunch in GBK and a quick few photos in the park in the 30 seconds the rain stopped, we headed home. Where you know, we promptly changed into our PJ’s and snuggled up on the sofa watching Inside Out.
 I’m so much happier with my wardrobe now that I’m in capsule mode. I’ve whittled down my closet to clothes I truly love, stuff I’m confortable in, that’s season appropriate, and that goes well with lots of stuff. I’ve accepted that my life doesn’t really require lots of fancy dresses and smart clothes, but rather comfortable and cosy, and I’m very happy with that.
Right now, a large proportion of my capsule wardrobe is based around jeans because, well, it’s bloody cold in London and skirts aren’t really an option. These are the oldest jeans I have, they’re kinda worn and they’re only thin but they’re so darn comfy that I find myself reaching for them a lot. I’m super into tops like this slouchy one from COS, the shape is just gorgeous, I love the dropped hem at the back, and how the arms are tight but the body is looser. I feel like you can dress these up if you need to, but you can also pair them with trainers & a giant scarf for ultimate comfort.
 Whilst the majority of my clothes fall into the monochrome category (okay, so all of them do), I love playing with coloured accessories. I’ve been in love with this pale blue and blush pink shade for the longest time, and when Pantone announced them as the 2016 colours of the year, I was happy for the excuse to embrace them even more! I love how these colours go with all the grey in my wardrobe!