A Little Lush Haul & Review

You know I love Lush bath bombs, but I never seem to show them in action, which is a crying shame because they’re so damn good. So today I thought I’d show you three recent bath bomb purchases, and what I thought of them.
I was super excited to try Yog Nog, because it smells FREAKING AWESOME. To me this smells like rich toffee, and biscuits, which is DEFINITELY not a bad thing. It’s got lovely ingredients like Soya and Shea to make your skin silky smooth, and it’s a pretty hefty bath bomb, so you know it’s going to really fill the room with fragrance.
This definitely didn’t disappoint, in fact, I think it was my favourite of all three. After this fizzes away for a bit, it reveals hidden bath melts and bubble bar pieces, meaning you get fizz, fragrance, bubbles and incredibly soft water. Amazing. The best part is that my skin felt so soft after, and I could still smell it on my skin the next day.
I ignored So White last year because it looked, well, pretty boring. This year though I had a mammoth sniff-a-thon in the Oxford Street store, and fell head over heels for this scent. It’s like fresh apples, with a hint of citrus and subtle rose. I don’t normally like rose scents but this is really subtle and just lovely.
I wasn’t expecting much when I dropped it into the bath, just looking forward to the scent, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s got a rosy pink core that appears after a few minutes, and turns your bath a soft pastel pink shade, so pretty! It smelt amazing, and I felt so relaxed after using this!
I was walking out of Lush’s Oxford Street store having already made my purchases, when an assistant asked if I wanted to drop Shoot For The Stars into the giant sink bath hybrid. I of course said yes and my fate was sealed, I had to buy this. Aside from turning the bath a beautiful inky blue, it just made the water so unbelievably soft, which London water so desperately needs. This has a super refreshing orange and lemon scent and I felt like I was floating on cloud nine in this bath.
What are your current Lush favourites?