Home Details

 After a mammoth tidying and organising session last week I took a few snaps of my newly organised flat, partly so that in a few weeks time when my room is a floordrobe, I can remember what it looked like, and partly to prove to my mum that yes, my flat was in fact, tidy.
Anyway I had all these snaps filling up my memory card and I figured I may as well share them here, that way I can look back at them when I need a little tidying inspiration!
Because I’m a cliched blogger I have a copper basket filled with cacti. Yup. The basket was a bargain Homesense find, and the cacti are all from Ikea, I love the rustic tin plantpots. I have a few other mini cacti scattered about, mostly on my desk, because cacti are the only plants I seem to be capable of keeping alive. 
My dressing table is looking super organised now, I’ve stripped back what’s on the table to a couple of Muji units, and this candle from TKMaxx.
My bed is the cosiest place in the world now, piled high with blankets and pillows, and Floppy, my candyfloss scented teddy bear. I especially love the Believe pillow my mama got me from Next
With the turn of the weather, I’ve been burning more seasonal Bath and Bodyworks candles again. I love this Jar of Matches, it’s useful and it looks cute.
I’m really into copper details right now, I’m head over heels for the H&M Home Copper Box, I’m storing my day to day jewellery in, I wish I’d picked up two! I also bagged the marble plate it’s sat on in the sale. Another blogger cliche right there.
I had an old dishwasher tablet box holding all my tealights, not very glamorous at all. I’ve moved them all into this glass jar, and they look much better. Plus that copper lid is gorgeous.
Even my drawers had a going over, I reorganised all my clothes in a way that it’s now much easier to find everything! It’s definitely much easier to have everything on it’s side instead of in piles, I can actually see my clothes now!
I had all my sunglasses in boxes taking up space in my drawers, so now I’ve popped them all into this Muji unit, and it’s much better!
And that’s that! Let’s all cross our fingers it stays tidy for a while…