Happy Sunday! I’m pleased to report that this week has been a vast improvement on last week, thank god. I’m finally starting to feel a bit better, and a bit less anxious, although still not quite ready to talk about it.
They say you don’t know who your true friends are until something shitty happens, and this rang true with me over the last few days. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by people who have supported me and looked after me, and I’m feeling the love right now.
I’m looking forward to next week, getting on top of my blog and hopefully spending a lot of time with my girl Daphne before she moves back to Taiwan at the end of the month (I can already feel the tears brewing).
  1. The support of my awesome family and friends after a difficult week. Sometimes it takes something shitty to happen, to realise how many great people you have in your life. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful humans who make my life better. I love you all.
  2. On another note, CHRISTMAS BAUBLES. I’ve picked up a few copper tree ornaments this week and now I’m excited for the festive season.
  3. I got a Fitbit at the end of last month and I’m loving it. Whilst it’s not given me a kick to eat healthier (just wait til you see happy thing number 4), it is helping me be a bit more active. Twice this week I’ve left the flat in the evening and gone for a brisk walk to make sure I hit my activity goal, AND it was raining both times. That’s progress people.
  4.  I was invited to #TakeOnTheTiger down at Tiger Tiger in Piccadilly and it’s safe to say it defeated me. A mammoth burger (beef, chicken, bacon and onion rings in a giant brioche bun) served with a side of chips, glass of Jack Daniels and a bottle of beer, I was utterly beat in the most fantastic way. It was also great to hang out with some more awesome blogger friends.
  5. How beautiful London is, especially at night. I’m so lucky to live in such an awesome city.
  6. Cosy flannel sheets and copper fairy lights from IKEA, I feel like my bedroom is ready for autumn now! 
  7. Late night hysterical phone calls with Daphne. Making the most of every moment before she goes back home! 
  8. Discovering the wonders of the Burrito Bowl. I’m a big burrito fan and honestly couldn’t understand the appeal of the same thing sans wrap, but I might just be a convert. All the burrito, none of the bloat. 
  9. Hearing the crunch of crispy autumn leaves underfoot on my usual route to the tube. 
  10. The Mindy Project is back and I am LOVING it. I wish Mindy Lahiri was real and daily vlogged. That would be the best thing ever.
 Here’s to another great week! x

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