40/52 – Detox

Happy Sunday wonderful followers, I hope you’ve been having a great week. 
October is well and truly here, and I find myself today immersed in the changing seasons, hidden away in the forest having something of a digital detox, something I definitely needed. 
For me, this week has not been a good one. This week has been fraught with anxiety and panic attacks, lots of tears and upset. I am glad to see the back of this week. 
Perhaps this week is one where I really need my 10 happy things list, but today I really can’t bring myself to compile it. This weekend, I just want to forget about the week, and relax before another one starts. 
I never want to sugarcoat things here on my blog, I believe that I’m here to share my life, and that doesn’t just mean coffees and dinner dates and lipsticks or cacti. It means talking about the bad stuff too. 
Maybe next week I’ll be ready to talk about this week, but for now, I’m going to put away my iPad, turn off my phone, put on my scarf and head outside. I just need to breath, you know? 
This week, I’d really like to hear your happy things, instead of mine, so please feel free to share the happy bits of your week in the comments. 
As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a great week. x

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